Straight Trash WIne


A Southern California wine with a little bit of attitude and a lot of heart



About straight trash wine

A phrase startling to most, but all too empowering to others.

In a world where it’s ok to look around and judge everyone and everything around you knowing nothing about their motives or story… I challenge you to throw the judgement in the trash and next time you feel the need to pass judgement on your neighbor, your peer, or even a total stranger to instead educate yourself.

Educate yourself by asking why? Why is that woman so upset, why is that man so aggressive, why is she having so much fun, why do I not feel confident enough to dress like that? Turn your own judgement into a lesson for yourself, and hopefully others. Instead be a leader, a supporter, a friend, or just be understanding that we all have our reasons. We all have our why.

I challenge you, if you have the chance, to invite that person to share a moment with you, a moment that does not involve judgement but an open ear to understand why.

I challenge you to smile instead of point, to speak instead of act, and to understand instead of assume.

So why Straight Trash Wine? Because that is my why. This is my mission for people to stop judging what they deem to be trash and start understanding that we are all human. We all need a moment.

Wine is such a gateway to friendships, conversations, and opening that door to get to know someone you might not normally open. So should you have the chance, enjoy a glass of wine with someone and ask them why? Ask yourself why?

… And should you have the chance to enjoy a glass of Straight Trash Wine… just know “The judgement ends when the bottle begins” 💋

Straight Trash Rose

“Even the most beautiful rose has been through the dirt.”

Straight Trash Chardonnay

“Judge me when you become perfect.”

Pinot Noir Coming soon

“She likes her wine red just like the bottoms of her shoes.”